Material:high-quality polyester silk.

style:plain weave.

Function:The sideband and edge of the luggage.


Model:15mm 20mm,23mm,25mm three types.

Scope of application:the edging of luggage.

Quality level:Excellent

Place of Origin:Qingdao

Item No.:YBM4-001

Suggested retail price:According to specifications 15MM 0.12 yuan/m 20mm 0.14/m,23mm 0.15/m,25mm 0.18/m

Product color:bleached,original white,black,color,can be processed according to the color sample,and can also be customized according to the color number of the Y card and C(D)card in the zipper industry.Among them,black is in stock.

Product selling point:use high-quality yarns,ribbons,and dyeing from major domestic factories.Controllable quality,prompt delivery and low price.

Has its own dyeing factory,which can process the color samples,and can also be customized according to the color number of the Y card and C(D)card of the zipper industry.


At present,most of the products are supplied to export processing enterprises,and the quality is excellent.

Aige edging belt,luggage edge.Complete specifications,15mm,18mm,20mm,23mm,25mm.


The color can be customized according to the color card,and can also be processed according to samples(national card,Y card,Golden Eagle color card).The dyeing factory is self-operated,timely delivery,accurate color,high color fastness,and no fading!

The webbing is flat,tight,sewn,and thick!

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