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Product advantages:

It is the largest nylon zipper manufacturer in Shandong.The nylon zipper starts from the front weaving,forming and sewing.It has its own dyeing workshop and the subsequent processing workshop with advanced equipment.The nylon zipper can be produced by itself in the whole process,and the quality and delivery time are guaranteed.


Service advantage:

The employees of Aige Jinyi Textile Co.,Ltd.are diligent,proactive,and responsible.They always put the needs of customers first,and can quickly deal with the requirements of customers to ensure the quality and delivery of the products.

The company pays attention to product quality and safety and environmental protection requirements.The products meet the European Union's zipper testing requirements and can pass the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 testing standards for harmful substances in textiles.At present,the company's products have been recognized by many well-known supermarket chains in Europe and the United States,and the products are exported to Europe,North America,Japan,South Korea and Southeast Asian countries.


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Qingdao Aige Jinyi Textile CO., LTD.

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